What We Do

We design a roadmap of steps your student needs to take from freshman year of high school to senior year of college.

We collaborate with students to help them solidify their choice in major, career options, and how to choose colleges that will not only satisfy their needs but ones that will be less expensive to attend.

We help determine which colleges give your student the best opportunities to succeed and potentially at the lowest expense.

We create a plan and advise how to study to increase ACT / SAT test scores, maximizing the total amount of Merit Scholarships offered.

We find solutions to making college more affordable for both students and parents.  Knowing these critical steps, rules, and regulations has allowed us the opportunity to save our “average” family over $23,000 on their overall college expense.

We help both students and parents navigate the college planning process. Many people overpay for college because they make mistakes, miss out on opportunities, or simply start their planning too late.  Proper planning can save families tens of thousands of dollars on college cost and help reduce the total outlay or amount borrowed to fund your college expense.

In society today, we have a lot of “do-it-yourselfers,” but without a coach or an expert to guide you, most families procrastinate or take a “wait-and-see” approach. When it comes to planning for college, this can cause you to miss out on opportunities and critical steps, which then causes undue stress, panic, poor decisions, and even overpayment.

When students are applying for colleges, what happens when the financial aid offers come back and they are not what you had hoped for?  What ACT / SAT score should I try to obtain to maximize my Merit Scholarship? Will there be jobs available to me depending on what Major I choose?  Are all financial aid offers the same? What assets affect my financial aid offer? How are we going to pay for college for ALL of our children? Will helping our children pay for college force me to delay retirement?  As you can see, there are many different questions that most of us as parents and / or your students are concerned about!