ACT & SAT Prep

An ACT or SAT score can determine whether a student receives $0 or upwards of $160,000 in scholarships for a 4-year degree. Therefore, properly preparing for the exam greatly increases the chances of college admission, the chances of receiving merit scholarships, and the overall amount of scholarship money awarded!

When we do test preparatory work with students, we develop a game plan to increase their ACT / SAT scores. Our goal is to get them prepared to take what could be the most important test of their lives! Our goal is to help them feel comfortable with the test and confident in their abilities to perform well. We provide a detailed and agenda-focused learning experience which includes  evaluation tests, lessons/quizzes, vocabulary building, full length practice exams, and videos which are geared toward raising students’ ACT and SAT scores and maximizing their amount of merit scholarships.

Our Prep Courses Include

  • Evaluation Tests
  • Lessons/Quizzes
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Full Length Practice
  • Review Packets
  • Resource Videos/Strategies