College Planning Strategy Services

We provide financial planning advice from college to retirement. Many families believe that it is as simple as filling out an application and accepting a Financial Aid offer but fail to realize the many mistakes that can be made that will cause them to overpay for college. 

In the chart below, you can see how just one mistake can cost you thousands of dollars. Multiple mistakes could cost you nearly one-hundred thousand dollars! We will create a game plan for your family to help prevent these costly mistakes. Our planning has not only saved a lot of money on college it has allowed the vast majority of our clients to retire comfortably.

We Will

  • Fill-out FAFSA, CSS profile, and any other necessary forms as needed for your student
  • Create a plan to reduce EFC
  • Provide financial aid award estimates for an unlimited number of colleges
  • Recommend schools in which students might be interested and ones that fit within your family’s budget
  • Recommend most efficient methods for paying your share of college costs
  • Recommend schools that will award the most merit scholarships
  • Provide cost-efficient borrowing strategies for college and other situations
  • Complete a financial overview for you and create a personal plan for improvement
  • Provide strategies for legally protecting your savings and retirement accounts
  • Recommend ways to use your home equity
  • Counsel you on Stafford & PLUS loan applications