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Meet Our Team

Touby McCammon – Mr. McCammon is the President and CEO of College Planning Alliance.  In 1995, he received his BA from Malone College and started his financial planning career with a Fortune 500 company.  After eleven years of Corporate Planning, Mr. McCammon opened his own Financial Planning Firm. His passion for College Planning was inspired by many of his clients and his own personal experience with the overwhelming amount of debt that many students and families take on to achieve a college degree.  He spent the next five years mastering the financial aid formulas and developing specific strategies for both students and parents to lower the over-all out of pocket expense to attend college. With continued growth and recognizing an enormous need for college prep and planning, he started College Planning Alliance.  Mr. McCammon is a sought-after speaker at numerous high schools, PTA’s/PTO’s, coaching events, and churches. Through in-depth knowledge and teaching, Mr. McCammon has helped thousands of families navigate the complexities of college prep and planning saving families time, stress, and a lot of money. Mr. McCammon resides in Ontario, Ohio with his wife Megan and their twin boys Jacob and Conner.  In his spare time, he likes to golf, teach Sunday school, and mentor for Wednesday night youth group. He can be contacted at touby@collegeplanningalliance.net.

David Drummond – Mr. Drummond is the Vice President of College Planning Alliance.  He and Touby first teamed up on the tennis court in college. Mr. Drummond assists in building a financial game plan and manages the day-to-day accounts for both college and retirement plans. Mr. Drummond has been working with individual families and small business owners for over 21 years with their overall financial planning.  David resides in Hartville, Ohio with his wife of 27 years and their two children, Olivia and Dawson. In his spare time, David still enjoys playing and teaching tennis, biking, and hiking. David can be contacted at david@collegeplanningalliance.net.

Grace Feia – Miss Feia is a Student Services Coordinator at College Planning Alliance.  Grace brings first-hand knowledge of all of the inner workings at College Planning Alliance as she was a student of Mr. McCammon’s a little over six years ago.  She knows the pressures that students feel and all of the hard work that it takes to increase ACT scores, pick the right colleges, and truly prepare for college and beyond.  Grace works with students to assist in ACT / SAT prep, picking the right major / career, picking the right colleges to apply to, and is here to answer all of your student’s day-to-day questions.  In her free time, Grace enjoys traveling, snowboarding, and anything that involves adrenaline and adventure. Grace can be contacted at grace@collegeplanningalliance.net.

Ashley McCune – Mrs. McCune is a Student Service Coordinator at College Planning Alliance.  Ashley works with students in evaluating/editing application and scholarship essays. She has been successful in assisting students with the all-important task of making a great first impression with a creative and memorable essay.  Her assistance has allowed students to not only get into college, but also to win many scholarships and grants! Ashley can be contacted at ashley@collegeplanningalliance.net.