We've answered some of your most asked questions.

 When should we start the college prep and planning progress?

We recommend starting this process in the 7th – 8th grade.  You need to let your student know how important their GPA is before they reach the 8th grade.  Introducing ACT / SAT prep is not only beneficial for their test result, but it is a great way for them to pick up additional knowledge of subjects that they will be taking over the next 4-5 years.  Career assessments can be implemented between the 7th – 9th grade year so that students can start to see the many options available to them and start narrowing those fields down.

My son / daughter is a Junior in High School, is it to late to start your program?

No…It is never too late to start!  However, we have everything laid out for our students with tasks they need to start completing in their 8th – 9th grade year.   Your student will have to work a little bit harder to “catch up” on the tasks they did not complete in their 8th – 10th grade year.

When should we attend one of your seminars?

We recommend attending the seminar when your student is in 7th grade.  There are so many facets to this plan that the earlier your family starts prepping, the better off you will be.  Also, we need to figure out your financial game plan before the end of your student’s sophomore year. Both the FAFSA and CSS Profile require you to use two years prior tax return information to complete both forms.  

My financial advisor has recommended a 529 plan to save for college, but I have heard that they can negatively affect my financial aid offer, what should I do?

We recommend scheduling a free consultation with us.  There are too many factors that come into play and that we must know about before we can make a determination as to whether or not you should have a 529 account.

How much do your services cost?

We have six different packages ranging from $150 – $4,600.  We will explain all of the packages that are available to your family and then both decide on which package would be the best solution for you.