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Touby McCammon, 
President of 
College Planning Alliance, LLC
​Dave Drummond, 
Vice President of
College Planning Alliance, LLC
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About College Planning Alliance LLC
College Planning Alliance LLC helps both the student and the parent navigate the complex and time-consuming college planning process.  Students will go through a detailed assessment and evaluation to help determine their major or choice of careers.  From there we will find colleges that align with the student's major.  We will focus on locating the colleges that have historically provided the largest financial aid packages.  We will walk the parents through the many ways of funding their child's college education in the most tax-efficient way while trying to lower their total out-of-pocket expense.
With over 17 years of financial planning experience, Touby brings a wealth of knowledge to the design and implementation of strategic college planning.

Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
With over 13 years of financial planning experience, Dave brings a driving passion for educating people on the services that will provide them with the most value in their college planning process.